Dialogue Across the Divide
Utah Village Square 2017 Season:
Community Conversations that Put
Dialogue Back in Democracy


Utah Village Square ~ Season 2017
Tired of the Great Stand-off?

Is anyone in America NOT angry these days? Well, let’s not let frustration turn into an anger that prevents us from talking, because we’ve seen what happens when we can no longer discuss our differences civilly!

Instead of continuing with the great stand-off, let’s dialogue. But what is dialogue? Is it debate? Is it just another conversation? Nope. Dialogue is a unique form of listening and speaking in ways that allow people the opportunity to remain dignified-before-our-differences. And yes, passion for/about a topic is dignified!


The Village Square hosts events that put fun back in democracy while bridging the gap between opinions, beliefs and ideals. Many of us avoid talking about issues in communities because we’ve learned it is not “safe” to disagree. Well, we disagree! Our evening events of dinner and dialogue give you the opportunity to speak about your values, your concerns, your hopes, your strong beliefs as well as your confusion and ambivalence; all in a space of safety and respect. The goal of these evenings is not to agree. Rather, it is to better understand other people’s perspectives, and perhaps, in the process, understand ourselves better.

So, join us for a year of conversations dedicated to exploring how we can come together as Americans over some of our greatest disagreements. Please see below for more information about the individual events, and more!


Thursday, May 4, 2017 | 5:45 to 8:40 pm
Stereotypes, Prejudices
+ Implicit Biases

How do we see into our own blind-spots, without shaming
ourselves or others?
How do we look into those fearful spaces
we’ve always run from?

October 2017
Speed Date Your Local Leaders

Invented by a Jewish rabbi, now there’s Christian speed dating, graduate student speed dating, even speed dating for pet adoption and – for the truly noncommittal – online speed dating.

PAST EVENT | April 2016
Church & State

Do you find Church in our State to your liking? Or is it too hot? Or too Cold? And where-oh-where is just right?!

PAST EVENT | February 2017
The climate of
Climate Conversations

The climate of our conversations in the past year are as tumultuous as the conversation about our climate; leaving many of us huddled under our umbrellas wondering what in the world is going to happen next! It’s time to come in from this stormy climate and curiously listen to a broad spectrum of views about the climate of our earth.

PAST EVENT | November 2016
Beyond Black & Blue

Black lives matter. Blue lives matter. And they matter enough to sit down and listen to other’s views, beliefs and concerns about policing in our communities. Join us as we dialogue toward a more peaceful community.

PAST EVENT | March 2016
Birds & Bees
In a Sexualized America

From “modest is hottest” to the “genderbread man” and everything in between — how do we help our children navigate conflicting messages about sex? Who, where, and how should we be educating kids about sex?