The Dialogue Practice Network
Engaging Difference in Utah
to inspire a new era of civic engagement


Utah’s Bridge Alliance Project
The Dialogue Practice Network

Churning beneath the surface of our nation’s crisis of socio-political hostility are questions of community, connection, and engagement. What does it mean for us to be in community? How do we stay connected when all we see are differences? How do we problem-solve together in the midst of deep and painful division?

Rather than attack or retreat from ideological perspectives that challenge our own (thus neglecting the relationships that shape our communities), our project partnership advocates carefully structured conversation between perceived ideological adversaries to strengthen connection and relationship, even while engaging difference.


Utah Community Partners’ project mission is to develop the capacity of community leaders in Utah seeking to become skilled, experienced facilitators and supporters of difficult but necessary community dialogues fully engaging difference.

We aim to build the strength and capacity of an expansive group of facilitators across the state to simultaneously offer effective and transformative experiences of dialogue and stoke public awareness that this type of dialogue is not only possible, but crucial to the future of civic life in Utah, and indeed, the country as a whole.

Our partnership focuses specifically on Utah because, in addition to a pronounced need for change, organizations and citizens from across the state have already begun building the kind of framework needed for a comprehensive effort to inspire a new era of civic engagement.

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Press Release:
Utah Community Partners

Essential Partners is partnering with Village Square, Living Room Conversations, Salt Lake Civil Network and Utah Humanities to build a statewide training program for Utahns seeking to become skilled leaders in supporting and facilitating community dialogues.

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