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salt lake city in 2017
Welcome to dialogue

In a time when too many town hall meetings make national news with fistfights (egged on by professional polarizers who make big money – or win elections – when we can’t stand each other), we think it’s time that neighbors get reacquainted, break a little bread together and remember how being neighbors builds community.

Lost in all the focus on the highly divisive national slugfest are the issues that affect us locally, personally, everyday. And if we’re not showing up to help make the decisions important in our hometown, who will? We like the idea that we can show all those hoity-toity Washington DC types how it’s done. And since we’re supposed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people; this is as it should be.


(Photo credit (drawing): Eden, Janine and Jim), color overlay added; Photo credit (Salt Lake City): Garrett, color overlay added).


Dialogue: What IS It?

How long have you wished the conversations in our country were civil, or dare we dream to say, dignified? Well, wish no more! Enter into the realm of dialogue where we passionately disagree, yet remain curious and respectful.

Dialogue In Utah:
Our Voices + Our Ears = Our Dignity

Are you ready to engage in dialogue? Or perhaps you wish to curiously watch dialogue in-action? Or attend seminars concerning dialogue?

Resource Guide:
Our Fav's for Bridging the Dialogue-Gap

With so many wonderful resources available to expand your world of dialogue, we’ve decided to narrow it down to our favorites: local and national.