Beyond the Bruising
Black lives matter. Blue lives matter.
PAST EVENT | November 2016
Beyond the Bruising

How can a democratic country provide freedoms for it’s citizens while allowing the police to enforce the laws of the democracy? How much power is too much power? And can community come together to police their own communities? The answers to these questions aren’t going to be easy, but we believe they are worth spending time on.


Since we are black and blue from all the troubles with policing in our communities, let’s create a space beyond all the bruising and dialogue: listen, speak and respect our differences.

Following is a brief description of the evening: We will begin with a light dinner, followed by a panelist discussion covering the full spectrum of climate views, and culminating in the opportunity for you to cultivate the art of respectful listening and speaking among small groups of previously unknown friends. Yes, we ask you to step-out from behind your shields of anger and engage with citizens that have the same desire to change our bruising behavior when disagreement arises. As ‘scary’ as this sounds, participants find that it is an immense privilege to discover others with the same commitment to decency and respect.

So, no matter how far nor how angry or afraid you are, there is a space for you to individually facilitate a change in attitudes toward Policing in our community. Join us for an adventure into the world of respectful dialogue, beyond the bruising.


Due to popularity, unclaimed seats will be offered to others at 6:15 pm.