Stereotypes, Prejudices
+ Implicit Biases
Let's explore our common humanity.
Seats Available Apr 21
Thursday, May 4, 2017 | 5:45 to 8:40 pm
Stereotypes, Prejudices
+ Implicit Biases

The MLK Commission and The Sutherland Institute are partnering with The Village Square to create an amazing event titled: Exploring Stereotypes, Prejudices and Implicit Biases — Left, Right and Center. We invite you to join us for an adventure into the world of respectful dialogue where prejudices & biases need not be the end of a conversation, but the beginning of a new one.


This is not a ‘soapbox’ event for individual causes; instead we seek to listen from a compassionate place in order to understand the invisible threads that run through every human. This event will dialogue globally about the differences between stereotypes, prejudices and implicit biases, as well as discover the many faces they wear; political, gender, sexual, racial, cultural, socioeconomic, religious, etc.

“One of the remarkable features of implicit bias is the possibility that individuals may not be aware of their own bias.” Daniel Kelly and Erica Roedder

How do we see into our own blind-spots, without shaming ourselves or others? How do we look into those fearful spaces that we’ve always run from? Let’s start by listening to an in-depth and honest dialogue between the professionals in our community who are on the front lines of studying implicit bias and its’ effects on our society; panelists range from Professors to Theologians to Social Scientists to Clergy to Community Leaders.

“…almost everybody is against discrimination in general, but, at the same time, almost everybody practices discrimination in their own personal affairs…” Gunnar Myrdal

Description of the evening: We will begin with a light dinner; followed by a panelist discussion covering the full spectrum of Stereotypes, Prejudices and Implicit Biases; and culminating in the opportunity for you to cultivate the art of respectful listening and speaking among small groups of previously unknown friends. Yes, we ask you to courageously listen and engage with other citizens that have the same desire to change the reactive nature of our behavior when disagreement arises. As ‘scary’ as this sounds, participants find that it is an immense privilege to discover others with the same commitment to decency and respect.

No matter how certain you are about your own prejudices & biases, or lack thereof, there is much to be learned from listening to others. We hope you will choose to join us.

This is a free event but space is limited so you must reserve your seat (seats available April 21; sign-up for our newsletter and receive a reminder email). This event is will be held at the Downtown Library in Salt Lake City, in the Fourth Floor Conference Room.

Due to popularity, unclaimed seats will be offered to others at 6:05 pm.

Guidelines, Self-Help, Intro Q’s and Quotes: familiarize yourself with these aspects of the evening. }




A Match Made in Heaven?
Bringing Together Large & Small Group Dialogue in the Same Place, Same Time

​At this town-hall, large group panel discussion will be integrated seamlessly with ​Living Room Conversations​, which are intimate​, self-guided ​conversations​ ​​co-hosted by friend​s​ with different views that create space for people to talk about significant topics and truly listen to each other.

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