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Climate Conversations
Join us where it's safe to come out from under your umbrella!
PAST EVENT | February 2017
Climate Conversations

It’s time to change the climate of our climate conversations by not huddling under our umbrellas with only those that think what we believe is true! Let’s be brave enough to curiously listen to a broad spectrum of views about the climate of our earth from citizens including Scientists, Professors and Ecologists.

But do not fear, this evening will not be the antagonistic conversation that you may have heard before, instead we will respectfully and passionately dialogue about everything from the frigid to the feverish. So, feel free to leave your soggy galoshes full of previous notions at the door and enjoy a light dinner while participating in an evening that will not only cover the vast ideas on climate change, but will also create the space for dignity to arise between those with views opposed to each other. Yes, this space does exist!


Following is a brief description of the evening: We will begin with a light dinner, followed by a panelist discussion covering the full spectrum of climate views, and culminating in the opportunity for you to cultivate the art of respectful listening and speaking among small groups of previously unknown friends. Yes, we ask you to step-out from beneath your umbrella and engage with citizens that have the same desire to change the climate of our behavior when disagreement arises. As ‘scary’ as this sounds, participants find that it is an immense privilege to discover others with the same commitment to decency and respect.

So, no matter how far nor how firmly you stand in your view of climate change, there is a space for you to individually facilitate a change in the climate of our Climate Conversations. Join us for an adventure into the world of respectful dialogue where the climate is calm.

This is a free event but space is limited so you must reserve your seat (click here or use the link at the top of page).

Due to popularity, unclaimed seats will be offered to others at 6:15 pm.

Guidelines, Self-Help, Intro Q’s and Quotes: familiarize yourself with these aspects of the evening. }



Joan Blades | President
Living Room Conversations
Michele Straube | Univ Of Utah Law
Environmental Dispute Resolution Program
George Handley | BYU Humanities
Associate Dean in College of Humanities
Laura Nelson | Utah Governor's Office
Energy Policy Advisor
Allison Jones | Wild Utah Project
Executive Director
Derek Monson | Sutherland Institute
Director of Public Policy
Robert Davies | Utah State University
Physicist/Research & Education Associate
A Match Made in Heaven?
Bringing Together Large & Small Group Dialogue in the Same Place, Same Time

​At this town-hall, large group panel discussion will be integrated seamlessly with ​Living Room Conversations​, which are intimate​, self-guided ​conversations​ ​​co-hosted by friend​s​ with different views that create space for people to talk about significant topics and truly listen to each other.

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