Birds + Bees
Protecting and Educating Kids in a Sexualized America.
PAST EVENT | March 2016
Birds + Bees
Educating beyond YouTube and Social Media

In the world of Snapchat, sexting, and “Lingerie Barbie” how are we talking to kids about sex? What role should schools and parents have? Let’s get together, eat some food, meet new friends, and talk about…sex education.

At this event, we will trade in our proverbial pitchforks for dinner forks and engage in civil conversations with our neighbors. We all want to protect and educate our kids and a healthy heaping of curiosity may just soften the enemy lines drawn by partisan politics. How sweet is that?!

Our citizen panel of parents, educators, community leaders, and policy makers bring a wide spectrum of views that are sure to allow for new curiosities into the way we consider protecting and educating the next generation.


Educators have tried flooding young people with sexual information and withholding sexual information. Neither seems to be the answer.

Let’s start by listening to an in-depth and honest dialogue between the professionals in our community who are on the front lines of studying sexual education in a sexualized America.

Description of the evening: We will begin with a light dinner; followed by a panelist discussion covering the full spectrum of Birds + Bees + Sexualized America; and culminating in the opportunity for you to cultivate the art of respectful listening and speaking among small groups of previously unknown friends. Yes, we ask you to courageously listen and engage with other citizens that have the same desire to change the reactive nature of our behavior when disagreement arises. As ‘scary’ as this sounds, participants find that it is an immense privilege to discover others with the same commitment to decency and respect.

No matter how certain you are about proper sexual education, there is much to be learned from listening to others. We hope you will choose to join us.

This is a free event but space is limited so you must reserve your seat. This event is will be held in Provo, Utah, at the Provo City Council Chamber.

Due to popularity, unclaimed seats will be offered to others at 6:05 pm.

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A Match Made in Heaven?
Bringing Together Large & Small Group Dialogue in the Same Place, Same Time

​At this town-hall, large group panel discussion will be integrated seamlessly with ​Living Room Conversations​, which are intimate​, self-guided ​conversations​ ​​co-hosted by friend​s​ with different views that create space for people to talk about significant topics and truly listen to each other.

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